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2.0rc3 14. March 2005
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   - Handle warnings the same way under Embperl and Embperl::Object, so they
     are in both cases log to embperl.log and the Apache error log and show
     up on the error page. Reported by Dirk Melchers.
   - Report line number and file name in unstructures jump error messages.
     Requested by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed sigsegv under solaris cause by NULL point in debug output.
   - Applied patches from Angus Lees to make Embperl compile and test on
     64Bit machines and avoid some compiler warnings.
   - Add pod for embpmsgid.pl from Angus Lees.
   - Fix [= =] with included spaces in embpmsgid.pl. Reported by Robert.
   - Make undef values for translation hashs treat as the same as
     non exists. Requested by Robert.
   - Let embpmsgid.pl parse out language tags of gettext, sort output
     and don't convert chars > 128 to octal values. Requested by Robert. 
   - Fixed make test module load problem for mod_perl tests, when
     mod_perl is staticly linked into Apache
   - Documentation updates and cleanup 
   - Output an error message when an Embperl sub is called and no
     Embperl request is active.
   - Do not use method call to output in send_error_page to avoid
     trouble with overloaded output function.
   - Fixed segfault which occured sometimes randomly after compile 
     of Embperl page source.
   - Reimplemented SetupSession, CleanupSession and SetSessionCookie
     which can be used to access Embperl session data from outside,
     for example from mod_perl Authentication handler.
   - Fixed problem with undefined $req_rec when Embperl::Execute
     is called from a registry script. Reported by Martin Moss.     
   - If an object is passed to die inside Execute the errors array
     will receive this object and will not be stringified.
     Requested by Robert Noris.
   - $epreq -> errobj holds the last object passed to die during 
     the request.
   - Added documentaion of Embperl's error handling and trapping. 
   - If optReturnError is set in the httpd.conf it is now reseted
     for all sub components, to make sure all errors are reported
     back. (It can still be set via the options argument of 
   - Using ErrorDocument by setting optReturnError now also works
     under EmbperlObject. Reported by Robert Noris.
   - Fixed problem when calling Embperl sub via Execute inside a
     file that is called via Execute. Reported by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed segfault when requesting symbol tables informations
     via Apache::Status, reported by Dan Wilga.
   - Find apr.h if it is not in same directory as httpd.h in
     Makefile.PL. (Necessary for RedHat)

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