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2.0rc1 24. August 2004
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   - Addeded configuration directive Embperl_Object_Reqpath, which allows to
     search serveral directories for the file of the initial request.
   - Added $epreq -> param -> cgi method to access the CGI.pm object. CGI.pm
     object is only available in case of a file upload
   - Fixed make test problem on RedHat, which reported wrong number of errors
     due to escaping in Apache error log.
   - Fixed test and compile problems on Windows with Perl 5.8.3
   - Added more verbose error informations for PerlHash error
   - Fixed problem when unloading Embperl.so under Apache, which cause
     Perl Hash error and/or segfault.
   - Fixed SegFault that occured when a Perl warning should be logged during
   - Added single quotes arround xslt paramenters that are automaticly
     generated from %fdat to avoid security problems.
   - Fixed some memory leaks
   - Fixed problem that checkboxes or options or not correctly selected
     on the second request when value was html escaped
   - Fixed Segfault under Apache 1.3 when doing a syntax check
   - use Apache::ServerRec when mod_perl version is 1.99_15 or above.
     Spotted by Aare Vesi.
   - Fixed endless loop on 64Bit Alpha and ia64.
   - Fixed make test problem on Windows.

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