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2.0b10 23. Jan 2004
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   - Added -break parameter for haveing precondition to
   - Added $epreq and $epapp for the request and application object, so
     $r = shift isn't needed anymore on every page.
   - Default for EMBPERL_DEBUG is now zero, which mean, that Embperl does
     not write anymore to /tmp/embperl.log unless requested. Suggested by
     Angus Lees and others.
   - Added Embperl_Top_Include configuratin directive, which allows to add 
     Perl code to the top of every file, for example for doing a use Module.
   - fixed various compiler warnings reported by Angus Lees.
   - Added missing Form/Validate modules to distribution.
   - fixed missing $req_rec in base template call from Embperl::Object.
     Reported by Neil Gunton.
   - Fixed include path for non standart apr directories.
   - Fixed epchar.c.min and epchar.c.iso-latin-2 to conatin char2xml table
   - Fixed problem with mod_perl 1.99_12 which reports wrong return value from
     handler when some variable inside them Embperl page get tainted.
   - Fixed tests for Perl 5.8.2 & 5.8.3
   - Fixed a bug with print OUT at the end of a nested tag inside a loop reported
     by Neil Gunton
   - Documented exit with argument behaviour.
   - Remved use Apache::Constats from Embperl::Mail so it works without mod_perl 

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