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2.0b9 10. Juni 2003
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   - libxml now searchs through Embperl search path when includeing external entities,
     so for example <xsl:include> directives searchs files the same way as Execute
     does under Embperl::Object.
   - fixed typo in JavaScript code for Form::Validate reported by Axel Beckert
   - fixed typo in Embperl::Mail reported by Axel Beckert.
   - fixed small bugs in Embperl::Form::Validate test code reported by Axel Beckert. 
   - charcters 128-160 are now escaped in URLs to avoid problems with Mozilla.
   - fixed missing escaping of '/' in Embperl::Form::Validate JS routines.
     Patch from Axel Beckert.
   - fixed spelling: CACKE_KEY -> CACHE_KEY. Reported by Andre Landwehr.
   - URL escaping now fully conforms to RFC 2396. This mainly solves some problems
     where IE interpreted characters in URLs as UTF8.
   - Embperl::Form::Validate JavaScript code can now handle fieldnames that
     aren't correct JavaScript identifier.
   - Fix SIGSEGV when printing to Embperl::LOG before Embperl log file is setup.
   - Fix problem when session id is given to Embperl, but session management
     was not setup
   - Added 'same' validation to check if two fileds have the same input enterd
   - Fixed memory leak. Patch from Joshua Chamas.
   - Use MP_AP_PREFIX as source for APache 2. Patch from Paul Dyer.
   - Fixed a initialisation bug which caused under special conditions a segfault
     when compiling a select tag.
   - Fixed compiler warnings and errors when compiling with Perl 5.8.0.   
   - Replaced PL_sv_undef with ep_sv_undef (which is a copy of PL_sv_undef),
     because storing PL_sv_undef in a Perl 5.8.0 hash is treated as a placeholder
     and doesn't work as before.
   - Fixed problem with [$ sub $] when running under Perl 5.8.0.  
   - Fixed problem when STDOUT is tied, because storage has changed in Perl 5.8.0.  
   - Fixed problem when single quote or backslash is inside of option or input value.
     Bug reported by Saadiq Rodgers-King.
   - Added [$last$], [$next$], [$redo$] and documented [* next *] etc.
   - Readdeded missing MailFormTo and added test for it.
   - Fixed escaping inside of html attributes of Embperl generated tags like input
     and [$ hidden $]. Reported by Axel Beckert.
   - checked and selected attributes are now correctly set when values contains
     entities (e.g. &lt;)
   - Fixed segfault when cleanup is called to early. Reported by Neil Gunton.    
   - If no name is given for a key, Form::Validate now tries to lookup the correct
     text via Embperl's gettext method.
   - Fixed problem with message ids that are Perl keywords. Reported by Jaak.
   - Added EMBPERL_COOKIE_SECURE option to transfer cookie only over a secure
   - Added EMBPERL_OUTPUT_MODE that allows to change to XML output, which cause
     generated tags to contains a closing slash, so they are valid XML/XHTML. 
   - Fixed make test to ignore different idention of newer versions of
   - Added server_addr to the request param object.
   - Keep spaces and newlines in <mail:send> tag.
   - Embperl::Mail now encodes all header fields that contains characters between
     128 and 255. Use headerencoding parameter to turn of or tell Embperl your charset.
   - Fixed mod_perl 2 detection when mod_perl is build with MP_INST_APACHE2.
   - Fixed problem with reseting $escmode, when using print OUT. Reported by
     David Hull.
   - Fixed compiling problem on FreeBSD.
   - Added function XML::Embperl::DOM::iSetText to change name of Tag.
     Requested by Yatin Chawathe.
   - EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES now again accepts relatives times like +2h.
   - embpexec.pl now correctly takes config values from environment
     for application object.
   - Added -type => Integer, IPAddr, IPAddr_Net, FQDN_IPAddr, TimeHHMM, TimeHHMMSS,
     EMail and EMailRFC to Embperl::Form::Validate.
   - Fixed problem with [$var$] and select reported by Joshua Spoerri. 
   - Embperl compiles and tests now correctly if mod_perl installed
     under Apache2 namespace.
   - Added tests for epform and subreq.
   - Added patch from David Hull, which let you specify the status-code
     when doing a redirect via %http_headers_out.
   - Fix SIGSEGV on sparc in cleanup. Patch from Angus Lees.
   - Apply patch from Angus Lees which avoids a lot of (harmless) compiler
   - %idat is now also populated for checkboxes and radiobuttons where no matching
     value in %fdat is found. This avoid duplicate submission of formdata
     when using [$ hidden $].
   - fixed memory allocation problem that had occured when mod_perl was
     staticly linked into Apache.
   - removed old Embperl 1 test files from distribution
   - corrected initialization of ap_filter_rec structure which had lead to random
     segfaults when using the subreq parameter.

=head1 2.0b8  (BETA)  25. Juni 2002

   - exit can now exit the whole request. When called without argument
     it exits the current component, like before, when called with argument
     it exits the whole request.
   - Added support for Apache 2.0 / mod_perl 2.0 (prefork MPM).   
   - Added the possibility to catch the output of a sub-request
     (e.g. a CGI script, Java or PHP output) when running under Apache 2.0
   - when setting $r -> param -> filename in an application object
     to a relativ path it is interpreted relativ to original request
   - Start to catch up with new features of Embperl 2 in the docs. Added
     Config.pod for configuration and calling. 
   - Lots of improvments in the new Embperl website, which serves as best
     example for using the new Embperl 2 features. It's part of the distribution
     and can be found under eg/web. See eg/web/README.
   - fixed bug with setting of escmode and print Out reported by
     Eric-Olivier Le Bigot.
   - fixed incorrected escaping inside of an URL when expanding an hash
     or array reference. Reported by Axel Beckert.
   - fixed possible endless loop when expanding hash or array inside of
     an URL.
   - fixed a segfault that occured when source file encryption was enabled.
     Reported by Edwin Ramirez.     
   - fixed a segfault that occured when no input file is given. Reported by 
     Edwin Ramirez.     
   - fixed a segfault that occured on solaris when input comes from memory.
     Reported by Mike Wesemann.
   - readd possibility to build version with and without Apache support 
     on windows.
   - Remove Content-Length: 0 HTTP-Header in CGI Mode
   - Fixed segfault when replacing an attribute. Reported by Michael Stevens.
   - Fixed random segfaults, that had occured when Perl had reallocated it's
     internal Stack.
   - When apache is started with -D EMBPERL_APDEBUG, it outputs a 
     configuration trace.
   - When file is not found, Embperl::Object now returns status 404, instead 
     of 500. Reported by Cameron McBride.
   - When optReturnError is set, Embperl::Object now really returns the error code.
     Reported by Cameron McBride.
   - Fixed a reference count error when using the import parameter. Reported
     by Michael Smith.
   - Fixed string reference counting problem in RTF&POD syntax.
   - Fixed a segfault that had occured when a file with a syntax error is 
     compiled the second time within the same process. Reported by 
     Michael Smith.
   - removed do { } around expressions of [+ +] blocks inside urls, because 
     this cost performance and now all [+ +] behaves the same. Reported by 
     Michael Smith.
   - make stop now works also on windows.
   - make start, which can be used to view/test the Embperl website localy,
     now displays the URL how to request the site.
   - libxslt does correct error reporting now.
   - libxslt output encoding is now recognized correctly. 
   - set Content-Length when sending error page, so Internet Explorer won't show
     his own error page.

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