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2.0b4 (BETA) 20. Nov. 2001
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   - Enhancements for RTF syntax, allowing no IF fields and passes
     thru any unkown fields.
   - Fixed problem when loading syntax. Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - Allow Perl code inside of HTML attributes in ASP syntax, together with
     EmbperlHTML syntax. Spotted by Ivan G. Shevchenko.
   - Added POD syntax, which converts POD to XML, which can transformed to
     any other output format using XSLT.
   - Enhanced Makefile.PL to support plugins for linking of extra libraries.
   - Added support for libxslt
   - Added support for Xalan-C XSLT
   - Added the concept of recipes which allows to dynamicly tell Embperl
     how to process a request. A recipe is basicly a tree structure
     with put different providers together. Every provider can act 
     upon the output of the preceeding providers. See README.v2
     and perldoc HTML::Embperl::Recipe for more details.
   - Added new configuration directive EMBPERL_RECIPE/Execute parameter 
     recipe, which tells Embperl how a file should be processed. 
   - Added recipes for XSLT transformation.
   - Rebuild cache management to work together with recipes. Now every
     intermediate step could be cached.
   - Add new debug flags dbgOutput, dbgRun, dbgCache, dbgCompile, dbgXML,
     dbgXSLT, dbgCheckpoint, dbgDOM to have a more fine control what's
     going into the log file
   - Changes in Embperl's internal tree representation, to fix serveral
     small problems and in preparation for proper XML handling.
   - print OUT inside loop works now correctly      
   - Added new escmode 8/15 which generates correct XML escaping. 
   - $row_foo will no longer treated as $row. Bug reported by Dave Fischer. 
   - Add patch from Wim Kerkhoff so SSI syntax works together with 
     EmbperlObject, i.e. included files are searched in the same way as
     normal Embperl files.
   - Add new method AddTagInside in HTML::Embperl::Syntax::HTML to allow
     tags inside of other tags.

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