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2.0b3 (BETA) 9. July 2001
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   - correct package handling in EP1COMPAT mode
   - compiles now with sun-cc. Patches from Michael Stevens.
   - fixed several bugs that caused weired behaviour with nested subs
     and tables.
   - fixed a bug that caused Embperl to stop when it sees a checkbox
     inside a loop, for which no value is in %fdat.   
   - fixed a bug that caused Embperl alias a value in %fdat and %idat
   - Execute work now also on the very first line of a file. Spotted 
     by Michael Smith.
   - [- -] can now contain Perl comments. Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - [- -] can now start with =pod. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.   
   - fixed a parser error so <[+ $foo +]> generates the correct result.
     Spotted by Michael Stevens.
   - fixed bug in Node_insertAfter which may cause a single Execute
     on the second line of a file to loop endless. Spotted by
     Janny Cavell.
   - Embperl doesn't search for attributes inside of quotes inside of
     html tags anymore. Spotted by Ian Van der Poel.
   - type=checkbox|radio is now case insensitiv as it should. Spotted
     by Jonny Cavell.
   - print OUT and Execute now works together. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.
   - Embperl doesn't insert a linefeed after an Execute anymore.
   - Embperl now keeps single or double quote the same as in the source
     file. Requested by Jonny Cavell.
   - [$hidden$] works now correctly inside of loops. Spotted by Jonny Cavell.
   - The parser now checks for the correct end of an html tag. Spotted
     by Jonny Cavell.
   - Added RTF syntax. This allows you for example to create serial letters
     with your favorite word processing program, save them as RTF and process 
     them with Embperl. See HTML::Embperl::Syntax::RTF for docs.

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