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1.3.4 (RELEASE) 5. Dec 2001
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   - Added method $r -> Espace for html & url escaping
   - URL escpage # to %23
   - use Content-Length HTTP Header instead of $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH}
     when running under mod_perl and win32. This fixes a bug
     with POSTed data reported by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Display correct Apache module name in Makefile.PL when
     requesting path for Apache module. Patch from James Lee.
   - New session handling using Apache::SessionX. (This also
     fixes problem with MD5 and Perl 5.6.1)
   - Fixed a bug that cause file-uploads to fail for the first 
     request to a file when running under EmbperlObject. Reported
     by Thoren Johne.
   - Added possibilities to add the session id as argument to any URL,
     instead of using cookies.
   - Added new hash %sdat which holds temporary sessins data.
   - Added options optAddUserSessionToLinks, optAddStatusSessionToLinks
     and optNoSessionCookies to control how the session id is passed.
   - Make sure the HTML::Embperl::Mail generates correct line endings
   - If Perl's STDOUT and/or STDIN are tied to any package, Embperl now
     calls the Perl methods PRINT and READ for doing I/O. This currently
     only works when not running under mod_perl.
   - Embperl can now run under FastCGI. Use embpfastcgi.pl instead of
   - Delete unnecessary PerlFixupHandler from httpd.conf.src for make test.
     Reported by David Merberg.      
   - Add undef to %idat for select tag with nothing selected if
     optAllFormdata is set.
   - Cleanup of DBIx::Recordset objects now honors the setting in %CLEANUP.
     Problem reported by Kee Hinckley.
   - Embperl can now use encrypted sourcefiles. See crypto/README for
   - Embperl can now be installed as Apache and non Apache version on the
     same system. This is neccessary to work on Windows in- and outside of
   - Fixed a linkage problem with symbol embperl_module, first reported
     by GustavKristoffer Ek.
   - error message now always contain a filename.
   - Added optShowBacktrace to enable backtrace of filename in error messages
   - Removed obsolete debug flags dbgDisableCache, dbgWatchScalar,
   - Fixed problem with changing to page directory on win32. Reported by
     Hans de Groot.
   - Fixed problems with mod_perl environement handling with ActiveState Perl 
     on win32.

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