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1.3.2 (RELEASE) 16 May. 2001
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   - Emulate the syntax => Text parameter of Embperl 2.0, which allows 
     to include pure text files any without interpretation. Requested
     by Kee Hinckley.
   - Fixed problem with corrupted @ISA, that had occured when a page was
     first requested without EmbperlObject and then with EmbperlObject.
   - Catch exceptions inside of Embperl.pm and correctly cleanup the
     request. This avoids problems in further request in case anything
     was really going wrong.
   - If the base template in an EmbperlObject request is requested
     directly the Execute ('*') does nothing, to avoid
     endless recursion.
   - Fixed bug in SetSessionCookie which had called undefined method 
     getinitalid.  Spotted by Sun Choi.
   - Removed wrong expire setting from SetSessionCookie, spotted 
     by Michael Stevens.
   - Additions to IntroEmbperlObject.pod by Neil Gunton.
   - ';' is now accepcted as separator for query strings addtionaly
     to the '&' character. Patch from Brent A. Ellingson.
   - ';' is now escaped to %3B when outputed inside a URL.
   - Embperl is now added to the Serversoftware identification when 
     preloaded under mod_perl.
   - adapted make test to Perl 5.6.1 and 5.7.1 so now it passes sucessfully.
   - fixed problem with cleanup in threaded Perl 5.6.1 and higher
   - added pod documentation to embperl.pl. Patch from Angus Lees.
   - %http_headers_out can take now array refs as elements to set multiple
     headers of the same value. Patch from Maxwell Krohn.
   - Non module-documenations (like Intro.pod Faq.pod etc) now gets copied under
     the correct directory and man pages are generated with the correct name
     (e.g. perldoc HTML::Embperl::Intro works now after installation). Based
     on an idea from Angus Lees.
   - Makefile.PL enhancements for Apache/ActiveState binary distribution
   - quote pathnames in Makefile to allow directories like "Program Files".
     Spotted by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Added epocgi.pl which allow use of EmbperlObject as CGI script.
   - Added a dTHR to function CmdVar to make Embperl compile with threaded
     Perl 5.005. Patch from Michael George III.
   - EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS can now accept pathes with spaces inside by quoteing
     an argument e.g. PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS "'Directory=/Session Files/'".
     Spotted by Lukas Zapletal.
   - Perl search path (@INC) in make test is set to abosulte paths to be independend
     of directory changes that Apache might issue. Spotted by Randy Korbes.

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