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1.3b7 (BETA) 15. Nov 2000
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   - Fixed problem that the call to close triggers error in Session.pm when using 
     Store::File. Spotted by Alvar Freude.
   - Fixed problem that GetSession doesn't return a value for new session.
     Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - Added new function SetSessionCookie, which can be used to set the session cookie
     header in case you use Embperl session management, but don't use a 
     Embperl page in that request. Suggested by Alex Schmelkin.
   - Fixed problem that DeleteSession does not work outside the base template, when
     used with EmbperlObject. Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - Fixed problem when use multiple nested ../foo.htm inside EmbperlObject.
     Spotted by Neil Gunton.
   - Included patch from Angus Lees to ease building on debian.
   - make test now works again with BEN-SSL httpsd. With help from Neil Gunton.
   - Included grammaticaly updated Embperl.pod. Many thanks to Ilia Lobsanov
     for doing the proof reading. 
   - removed dbgDisableCache to avoid problems with this "feature" that isn't working
     anymore for a long time.
   - Added validaten for session cookie. If Apache::Session 1.53+ is installed
     it uses the validate method from Apache::Session::Generate::xxx. If a invalid
     session id is found a new one is generated. Spotted by Angus Lees.
   - If a not existing session id is received, Embperl generates now a new one.
   - Enhancements of Cookie resending logic. To make sure cookies are send when
     neccessary, but not more often. (Handles now write to session data, after
     a delete in the same request correctly).
   - Added more tests for Sessionhandling.
   - Fixed a bug that Content-Lenght was 2 to much, when escmode was set to zero.
     Spotted by Michael Smith.
   - Added patches from Randy Korbes for ActiveState Support. Most tests with
     Embperl under mod_perl nows passes. The few remaining ones that doesn't pass
     seems to be due to problems of mod_perl's enironment handling.
   - Droped support for Apache::Session 0.17. Embperl now support only
     Apache::Session 1.00 and higher.
   - Added new option: optDisableSelectScan, to allow processing of SELECT tags,
     while processing of TABLE tags is disabled. Suggested by Robert.
   - Carridge Returns are only removed for Perl 5.004. This makes using of 
     HERE documents possible on Perl 5.005+, even if the documents has CRLF
     as lineendings.

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