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1.3b6 (BETA) 18. Oct 2000
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   - Embperl now runs on ActiveState Perl. (At least in offline mode,
     mod_perl mode seems to still have some problems). With a lot of help
     from Randy Korbes.	
   - Changed EmbperlObject search order:
     * If EMBPERL_OBJECT_STOPDIR is set, this directory is taken as
       the last directory in the normal search path, instead of the
       directory where the base template (EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE) is found.
     * EMBPERL_OBJECT_ADDPATH is _always_ added to the search path
     * Now Embperl also searches the path for files like
       ../foo.html, or bar/foo.html, which includes a relative path.
   - ../* is now a shortcut for the requested file, but in the
     parent directory (or upper depending on the search path)
   - Added access to Embperl session handling for modules and
     calling scripts (see SetupSession and GetSession)
   - Embperl is now able to output binary data if EMBPERL_ESCMODE
     and/or $escmode is zero. This also include that no CRLF is
     added at the end of the file, if escmode is zero.
   - Added method for deleting session data and cookie
   - Added method for triggering resend of session cookie. 
   - Added Test for pnotes ('EMBPERL_ERRORS')
   - Added hash %CLEANUPFILE. All variables defined into the files given
     in this hash, are also cleanup at the end of the request.
     Patch from Todd Eigenschink.
   - Changed the way the C Requestobject is attached to the Perlobject,
     so it should now also work on 64Bit Processor like Alpha.
     Spotted by Andre Landwehr.
   - Fixed a problem with importing files that contains foreach and
     do until loops, which may caused a syntax error or endless
     loop. Spotted by Steffen Geschke.
   - embpcgi* and embpexec* are now geratated out of *.templ instead
     of editied in place to avoid problems with cvs conflicts
     and lower/uppercase on Win32. Suggest by Jens-Uwe Mager.
   - make test works with Apache that has mod_jserv compiled in
   - Embperl now cache same files with relative path, which are located
     in different directories correctly.

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