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1.3b5 (BETA) 20. Aug 2000
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   - Embperl now supports Apache::Session 1.52. See "Session handling"
     in the docs, how the setup has changed.
   - Fixed a problem with POSTed data, which had got lost for the first,
     request when using EmbperlObject handler. Spotted by
     Kaare Rasmussen.
   - Fixed a typo in HTML::Embperl::Mail, spotted by Robert.
   - changed require to use HTML::Embperl in EmbperlObject to avoid problems
     with dynamic loading. Spotted by Robert.
   - Embperl takes the cookie for session handling from the Apache 
     request record to make it available in earlier phases then the
     content handler. Suggested by Jack Cushman.
   - added entity decoding for value attribute of radio/checkboxes.
     Spotted by Chris Thorman.
   - %fdat is not resetup when already done and formtype is 
     multipart/formdata. Spotted by Michael Slade.
   - Embperl inserts &amp; instead of a signle & inside query strings
     when expaned from array or hash refs.
   - Embperl now also accepts hashref inside a url and expand it
     to a query_string i.e. <a href="foo.html?[+ { a=>1, b=>2 }+]"> will become
     <a href="foo.html?a=1&amp;b=>2">.
   - EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES now also supports relativ times like: 
     +30s +10m +1h -1d +3M +10y
   - $req_rec -> pnotes ('EMBPERL_ERRORS') could be used to retrieve 
     error message inside a error document
   - make Embperl compile and run with threaded Perl 5.6. With help
     from Jason Bodnar. NOTE: That doesn't mean that Embperl is

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