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1.3b4 (BETA) 17.07.2000
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   - New $escmode (or EMBPERL_ESCMODE) to disable the possiblilty
     to turn off escaping with a leading backslash. Adding 4 to
     any escmode will cause Embperl to do no special processing
     on the backslash. This is mainly to avoid problems with
     cross site scripting issuse, where people are able to enter
     aribtary HTML. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Characters between 128 and 159 are all HTML escaped now to
     avoid problems with buggy browser, which were reported to
     treat the chars 139 and 141 as < and >.  Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - If a requested file is not found when using EmbperlObject as handler,
     the file given by C<EMBPERL_OBJECT_FALLBACK> is displayed instead. 
     If C<EMBPERL_OBJECT_FALLBACK> isn't set a staus 404, NOT_FOUND is
     returned as usual.
   - "perl Makefile.PL debug" will build debugging information for
     gdb/ms-vc++ into Embperl library.
   - test.pl can take a bunch of new options for debugging Embperl itself.
     See make test TESTARGS="--help".
   - Embperl 1.x and 2.x share now the same Makefile.PL and test.pl
   - Added new debug flag dbgObjectSerach which logs the EmbperlObjects
     work when searching the correct file.
   - If import parameter is given to Execute, Perl code is compiled, but
     only [!  !] blocks are executed (to allow sub definitions on import)
   - Space is converted to %20 instead of +, because that is more generic.
     Suggested by Michael Blakely.
   - EmbperlObject now automaticly defines all subs that are declared
     inside the base template and inside the requested page, so it isn't
     neccessary anymore to call Execute with import => 0 for them.
   - Every Embperl Page now get passed a request object (which can be obtained
     from $_[0]). The request object is a hash reference which is blessed
     into the package HTML::Embperl::Req. Embperl itself don't uses the hash, so
     you are free to populate it and pass data between different pages of one request.
   - EmbperlObject now setup the inherence so that 
       request page -ISA->
       base template -ISA-> 
     and the Embperl request object is blessed into the packages of the
     requested page, so you can do methods calls to subs that are defined
     inside the requested page.
   - correct spelling error and renamed ScanEnvironement to ScanEnvironment.
     (ScanEnvironement still works).
   - EmbperlObject can now be used also offline (via HTML::EmbperlObject::Execute)   
   - MailFormTo and HTML::Embperl::Mail::Execute now have a configuration
     directive EMBPERL_MAILHELO, can be used to specify the host/domain for the 
     HELO/EHLO command. Suggested by Remco Brink.
   - Fixed a bug that caused the default drive to be incorrectly set on Win 32.


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