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1.3b3 (BETA) 25.04.2000
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   - Fixed SIGSEGV which occurs in cleanup with Perl 5.6. Spotted by 
     Aaron Johnson.
   - Changed make test so it works correctly with new error messages of
     Perl 5.6. 
   - Fixed a bug that Execute will always fail when $@ was set before.
     Patch from Francis J. Lacoste.
   - Changed test so it accpects charset in Content-Type header from
     Apache 1.3.12
   - The outputfile parameter now also works when running under 
     mod_perl. Spotted by Ilia Lobsanov.
   - Makefile.PL warns if you build with a DSO mod_perl < 1.22
   - make test checks that test files are readable by Apache. 
   - Applied a patch from Jens-Uwe Magner to make Embperl work
     with mod_perl 1.22 on AIX. We now require mod_perl 1.22,
     but I should now work as DSO and staticly linked.
   - Applied a patch from Francis J. Lacoste that makes sure
     that when a package name is given the file is always compiled
     into this package. Note: This means that if you specify a
     packagename and the packagename differs from request to
     request, the page is compiled for every package and therfore
     consuming memory on every request. 
   - Added EMBPERL_SESSION_HANDLER_CLASS which allows you to overwrite
     Embperl defaults session handling. Idea form Barrie Slaymaker.
   - Added EmbperlLogo.gif to the distribution, which contains
     "Powered by Embperl".
   - Added Patch from Randy Kobes that makes Embperl compile with
     Apache 1.3.12 and Perl 5.6 on Win32. 
   - Removed some -w warnings form EmbperlObject
   - Added tests for EmbperlObject
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV that occured when Embperl found [*] inside
     a page. Spotted by Barrie Slaymaker.
   - Added epchar.c.min which contains translation tables which
     let's all chars above 128 untouched. This is usefull for
     processing two byte charsets. Patch from Sangmook Yi.
   - The searchpath (EMBPERL_PATH) now uses semikolons (';') instead 
     of colons (':') to avoid problems with Windows drive letters.
     Colons still work on Unix.

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