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1.3b2 (BETA) 11. Feb 2000
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   - added new mod_perl handler EmbperlObject, which helps to build whole
     pages out of small objects, which can be overwritten in "derived"
     EmbperlObject allows you to define the standard layout of your site just
     once and includes the neccessary components based on the uri. Your HTML
     documents just have to contain the unique stuff and not the common stuff
     like headers/footers or navigation bars. Also these common elements can 
     be overwritten in each subdirectory.
   - added EMBPERL_PATH (and path parameter to Execute), which can contain
     a colon separated search path. Embperl uses it when a file, which does
     not contain a path, is executed.
   - added new module HTML::Embperl::Mail which sends a file processed via
     Embperl by email.
   - Fixed a bug, that the logfile if opened also EMBPERL_DEBUG is set
     to zero. Now if debug is zero, no logfile will be opened. Spotted
     by Jason Bodnar and Christian Gilmore.   

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