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1.2.1 5. Jan 2000
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   - fdat parameter of Execute function isnīt honoured when
     call from CGI script which has received multipart/formdata.
     Spotted by NHan H. Trinh.
   - @ffld was not correctly setup, when only fdat parameter is
     given in calls to Execute.
   - if mtime parameter is undef or 0, now the pcode really isn't
     cached. Spotted by Neeme Vool.
   - EMBPERL_OPTIONS and EMBPERL_DEBUG (debug, options) accepts
     now decimal, binary, octal and hex values.
   - fix a SIGSEGV that could occur under rare conditions in
     cleanup. With help from Todd Eigenschink and Gary Shea.
   - fix a problem that $req_rec is not correctly setup inside
     imported subs. Reported by Cliff Rayman.
   - specify domain/hostname when sending mail via MailFormTo
   - add EMBPERL_MAILFROM config, to make sender used by
     MailFormTo configurable    
   - add EMBPERL_MAILDEBUG config, to allow debugging of email
     problems in MailFormTo
   - ProxyInput now handles posted form data. Spotted by 
     Neeme Vool.
   - EMBPERL_INPUT_FUNC now allows to also give the name
     under which the source should cached, to allow correct
     cacheing of data read via EMBPERL_INPUT_FUNC. Spotted by
     Neeme Vool.
   - Fixed a SIGSEGV in OPTION tag which occurs due to
     different integer sizes on 64Bit systems. With help
     from David Waldo. 

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