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1.2b11 (BETA) 4 Nov 1999
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   - Added the "Status:" header and error message to embpcgi.pl to
     let Apache return the correct status line. Patch from Jason Holt.
   - Fixed problem that Apache SIGSEGVs when an error message contains
     a %x. Spotted by Ed Park.
   - Added missing BEGIN block in docs for Session handling.
   - Fixed an endless loop that occured when tainting is on and
     the same document is called two times via Execute. With help
     from Jason Holt.
   - Changed access to addtional upload fileinfo. The old syntax
     (${${$fdat{<name_of_field>}}}) isn't available anymore, because
     it doesn't work with filenames that are not a vaild perl
     variable name. Now there is a second field which start with a
     dash that's holds a hash ref to the file info. Spotted by 
     Huang-Ming Pan.
   - The Embperl specific part of Apache session (former 
     Apache::Session::Embperl) is now part of the Embperl distribution
     (as HTML::Embperl::Session). This makes Embperl independ of
     new releases of Apache::Session. Embperl now works with 
     Apache::Session version 1.00 and higher. Apache::Session 0.17 is still
     supported, but the documentation is removed, because it should no
     longer be used.
   - Apache::Session must not be preloaded prior to Embperl. It's
     enought to set EMBPERL_SESSION_CLASSES and Embperl will bring
     the right modules in memory for you.
   - Removed the call to mod_perl_sent_header, which was an workaround
     for an problem with (very) old mod_perl version, because it doesn't 
     resolve on (every) IRIX. Spotted by Jearanai Vongsaard.
   - NOT_FOUND, FORBIDDEN now also logged thru Apache, so the LogLevel is
     honoured and log message in Apache error log get a time stamp.
     Spotted by Christian Gilmore.
   - Removed warings that apears when compiling with -Wall.
   - Added URL of better emacs mode for Embperl from Erik Arneson.
   - Added new paramter 'errors' to Execute function which takes an
     array ref, that returns any error messages. Suggested by
     James Elson.
   - Fixed that serveral options where not settable inside an Embperl page.
     Spotted by Ilya Ketris.

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