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2.5.0 16. March 2014
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    - Do not clear old code before compiling a Embperl page
      in Perl >= 5.14.x because it causes seg faults. This
      leads to "subroutine redifined" warings, when a
      page was changed and is reloaded.
    - Corrected use of G_KEEPERR when calling eval, because
      of changed meaning, which cause the message "Compiling
      error" instead of the real error message.
    - Adapted tests to Perl 5.14 & 5.16  
    - Fixed a refcounting problem cause message "Attempt to 
      free unreferenced scalar" during mod_perl startup
      with Perl 5.14.x
    - Fix some dependencies on hash order inside the parser
      which causes Embperl to fail with Perl >= 5.18 because
      of hash randomisation.
    - Changed the way exit passed through internaly, so it
      works with Perl >= 5.18
    - Adapted tests to Perl 5.18
    - Adapted test httpd.conf to Apache 2.4. Embperl fully supports
      Apache 2.4 
    - Makefile.PL now uses apache2 or httpd2 as Apache binary
    - Makefile.PL now autodetects if mpm needs to loaded as 
      module for tests.
    - Fix output inside of Registry script for mod_perl 2.0.4+
    - Fix problem with error output on stderr for Windows 64Bit
    - removed support for XALAN XML parser. It was outdated 
      anyway. libxml2 is still supported.
    - Fixed a C type declaration which caused RTF files to not
      correctly escaped with newer GCC's.
    - Embperl::Form is totally overhauled with many new features.
      It uses now jQuery as javascript library, instead
      of prototype. NOTE: This is an incompatible change. If
      you are using Embperl::Form before, you need to
      adapt your html code!
    - Fix some Unicode issues in Embperl::Form::Validate
    - Embperl::Form::Validate is now able to highlight input
      fields with wrong input
    - Applied the following debian patches: delay.patch,
      fix-string-typo.patch, fix-pod-errors.patch, fix-whatis.patch,
      new_process_group.patch, fix-pod-unescaped-unicode.patch,
      german.patch and utf8.patch which mainly corrects
      spelling and typo errors. NOTE: modperl.patch and 
      Makefile.PL.patch are not applied, because they are
      debian specific. Thanks to Florian Schlichting for
      providing uptodate information about the patches
      and adaptions for Embperl 2.5.
    - Applied further spell corrections from Florian Schlichting.  
    - Log Errors form Embperl::Syntax::Mail to error log
    - Fix compile problem on non intel plattforms due to missing
      -m32 flag.    
    - Added support for utf8 sourcefiles. By setting
      input_charset => 'utf8' sponsored by Perlover.
    - Added optChdirToSource = 0x10000000 which will cause
      Embperl to change to the directory of the source file
      prior to execution.
    Adaptions to Perl 5.14/16 were sponsored by NUREG GmbH

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