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1.2b6 (BETA) 19 Aug 1999
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   - When call another page via Execute EMBPERL_VIRTLOG will
     automaticly set to the same value as the in the calling page	
   - Add parameter 'firstline' to specify the linenumber of the
     first line in the input
   - Defined missing DECLINED constant for non mod_perl environement
     Spotted by James Elson.
   - Inside of an A tag URL escaped characters are translated back
     to their ascii aquivalent inside of perl code, before the code
     is executed. This avoid problems with HTML editors, which
     changes space to %20 inside an URL.
   - '%' is escaped to %25 inside of URLs
   - Inside the A tag only the HREF attribute is URL escaped, instead
     of the whole tag.
   - The SRC attribute of embed, frame, iframe, img, layer now are
     also URL escaped.
   - Giving a an array refernce inside an URL, cause Embperl expand
     it to URL parameter syntax (i.e. [+ \@A +] becomes A=1&B=2, when
     @A = (A, 1, B, 2) ).
   - Embperl checks now for unclosed metacommands (if, while etc.) and
     unclosed HTML tags (table etc.). Suggest by Todd Eigenschink.
   - Fixed a problem when file was not found, which causes in some cases
     a SIGSEGV.
   - Added new configuration directive EMBPERL_MAIL_ERRORS_TO. If set
     all error messages will be send to the given address.
   - input_/output_func parameter can take a code reference as
     argument. Based on a patch from Jon Tobey.
   - Set force PERL_DL_NONLAZY to zero, so make test does not fail
     if dynaloader was initialized with PERL_DL_NONLAZY set.
     Patch from John Tobey.    
   - [$ foreach $i(x..y) $] does not require a space before the (
     anymore. Suggested by Jonny Cavell.
   - select <option value="a &amp; b"> works now correctly. Spotted by
     Rick Welykochy.
   - Fixed SegFault when parameter input => is numeric. Spotted by
     Cliff Rayman.
   - Added option optNoUncloseWarn, which disables the warnings
     about unclosed if, while, table etc.

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