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1.2b5 (BETA) 5 July 1999
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   - Renamed __strdup and __strndup so there are no duplicate 
     symbols when compiling with glibc. Spotted by Michael Hall.
   - Removed some debugging message from the logfile output.
   - Correct some wrong table entries for html escaping of some
     characters like §
   - Added optReturnError which causes Embperl to return an
     error code and let the calling programm (i.e. Apache)
     handle the error. This is necessary to use the
     ErrorDocument directive together with Embperl. Spotted by
     Michael Smith.
   - Fixed the problem that the output of Execute inside a table
     didn't come out when optEarlyHttpHeader was set. Spotted by
     Chris Alexander.
   - %fdat of a Execute will not be overwritten anymore when the
     %fdat of the main request was empty. Spotted by Chris Alexander.
   - fixed a small memory leak which was caused by not releasing 
     memory space for the cookie-name/-domain etc.
   - added the missing -T switch to embpexec.test.bat, which caused the
     taint test in cgi mode to fail on win32
   - Added epchar.c.iso-latin-2 from Jiri Novak, which contains the correct
     escaping for the iso-8859-2 (iso-latin-2) character set. You may use it
     to replace the standard epchar.c
   - Added new metacommand [$ sub <name> $] and [$ endsub $] which allows
     you to define blocks of code an call them mulitple times inside a page,
     either a creating a subrequest Execute('#<name>') or by calling them
     directly as a perl subroutine [- <name> -]. Read the docs for more
     information on the details and differences.
   - Added new parameter "import" to Execute, which let's you import subs
     (defined with [$sub <name>$]) into the current page.
   - @ffld is filled with 'values %fdat' if the ffld parameter in the call
     to the Execute funtion is missing.
   - Filedata will held into memory until the end of the request, so a
     second call to Execute for the same file will not reread the data
     from disk.
   - Added emacs/embperl.el. It's a emacs minor mode for Embperl written
     by Erik Arneson
   - Output of dbgShowCleanup is now sorted by name
   - Update the Faq.pod with new Q&A and removed obsolete Q&A
   - Made Makefile.PL more smarter in DSO situations. It detecteds now 
     which of the needed Apache modules are linked staticly and places
     neccessary LoadModule statements in the httpd.conf for make test.
     This way make test should work also where all modules linked at
     runtime, like on RedHat 6. With help form James H. Thompson.
   - Makefile.PL askīs now if it canīt find any modules. On win32
     it will not try to guess (the maybe wrong) path anymore.
   - Added possibility to get the the uploadInfo from CGI.pm
     (e.g. ${${$fdat{upload}}} -> {'Content-Type'} will return the
      content type). Requested by Brian Reichert.
   - Catch die of CGI.pm when it hit's a 'Malformed multipart POST'.
     Spooted by Chris Alexander.
   - Add optKeepSrcInMemory which tells Embperl to keep the source
     file in memory and not reload it on every request
   - Added the possibility to use recursive calls to Execute.
     NOTE: You can create local variables via [* local $foo ; *]
   - Reworked the cleanup. Now imported values from other modules
     left unchanged. This solves problems with using modules
     inside Embperl pages, which exports some global variables.
   - Added the %CLEANUP hash. Put variables into with should be
     additional cleaned up ($CLEANUP{'var'} = 1) or which shouldn't
     cleaned up ($CLEANUP{'var'} = 0)
   - Special handling for DBIx::Recordset objects, so it's sure
     they are really get destroyed 
   - fixed a problem with dynamic tables, that occurs when you
     had tried to repeat multiple table rows
   - Embperl compiles now with perl5.005_57+. Patch from Ask Bjoern Hansen
   - Cleanup now logs any errors that occurs when calling object
     destructors and makes sure errors inside object destructors do
     not break Embperl itself.
   - Embperl now returns DECLINED when called for a directory. This
     way Apache can handle diretories the correct way. This will make
     DiretoryIndex (e.g. index.html) work again with Embperl. 
   - Fixed a problem that @ffld contains the same field more then
     one time if posted from a select multiple with multiple items
     selected. This caused problems with [$hidden$]. Spotted by
     Martin Leja.
   - Double quotes (") will be url-encoded to %22 inside URLs.
   - Embperl now never writes to the logfile if EMBPERL_DEBUG is zero
   - make test now runs with newest version of mod_ssl (2.3.5)
   - Added option optKeepSpaces which will disable the removing of spaces
     and empty lines from the output. Suggested from Gary Shea.
   - Added option optOpenLogEarly, which will cause Embperl to open the
     logfile as soon as it is loaded into memory. You can use this when
     you loaded Embperl via PerlModule under Apache, to open the log
     as root instead of the non-privileged user Apache runs as.

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