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1.2b4 (BETA) 15 Feb 1999
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   - fixed a problem that $req_rec was sometimes invalid on the 
     second call to the same page causing Embperl to SIGSEGV.
     With help of Todd Eigenschink.
   - Cleanup the variable space inside Embperl pages. Before this
     fix many of the internal my variables were visible to the 
     Embperl page. Spotted by Todd Eigenschink. 
   - multiple form values with the same name are handled now
     correctly (concated in a tab delimited string) when send
     in a multipart/form-data (file-upload). Spotted by Dirk
   - The dbgForm flag works now also for multipart/form-data
   - a missing right *] will be reported as an error. 
   - [[* is correctly output as [* and not interpreted as a
     starting of a perl block. Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - fixed a bug that causes the html after an endforeach to be
     skiped, when the foreach loop gets an empty array as argument.
     Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - Makefile.PL checks now for required modules and versions and
     generates warnings if necessary
   - Do not CLEAR %udat and %mdat in cleanup, so Apache::Session
     will not warn anymore about unsupported CLEAR operation.
   - Added tests for session management (%udat, %mdat)
   - Added more tests to see that $req_rec is correctly setup
   - Added module Apache::Session::epDBI which is a subclass of
     Apache::Session::DBI and corrects a problem with locking and
     cares of serializing requests, so %mdat works correctly.
     Please read IMPORTANT NOTE under Session Management in
   - Added the dbgProfile flag which cause the display of the time
     since the request start for every source line in the logfile.
   - Correct a problem that the escape character ('\') was not removed
     when unescaping the input. Now '&lt;' is correctly translated
     to '<'  and '\&lt;' is translated to '&lt;' . 
   - When requesting to view the logfile via the browser now all
     lines which does not start with a pid ([<pid>]) are displayed.
   - fixed a problem, that sometimes not all errors are shown in the
     error page, in conjunction with dynamic tables
   - When running under perl 5.005 or higher, the cleanup after the
     every request, now not only cleans up scalars, array and hashs,
     but also closes all open file- and directoryhandles and undef's
     all typglob (which causes for example DBIx::Recordset objects to
     DESTROY correctly)
     NOTE: This also causes imported variables from other packages/modules
     not to be cleanedup anymore!!
     NOTE: That the cleanup behaveiour under perl 5.004 and 5.005 is
     slightly differnt! The new cleanup doesn't work with 5.004 because 
     of a bug, which should be corrected in 5.004_05 as soon as available.
   - EMail adress from the form is insert as Reply-To header instead of
     From header in MailFormTo to avoid problems with unresolvable
     EMail adresses.
   - Fixed the problem that session management (%udat, %mdat) didn't
     work when Execute is used in the same page. Spotted by by Simon Lindgren. 
   - Fixed a path problem in Makefile.PL. Now pathes on Win32 Systems uses
     blackslash instead of slash. Spotted by Randy Kobes.
   - Win32 batch files will no longer contain path to perl after the #!,
     so cgi tests passes on systems with 4DOS shell. Spotted by Randy Kobes.
   - Added ; as terminator for cookie to correctly parse multiple cookies.
     Patch from Tim Carrol.    
   - Changed table_set to table_add when setting the cookie for session data
     to avoid problems with other modules setting also cookies.
   - Corrected the %ENV problem that mod_perl-1.18 introduced, so both 
     work together again.
   - Added dbgSession flag to enable/disable logging of session handling
   - Added configuration diretives EMBPERL_COOKIE_NAME, EMBPERL_COOKIE_DOMAIN,
     EMBPERL_COOKIE_PATH and EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES to configure the cookie
     which holds the session id. Suggested by Cliff Rayman.

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