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1.2b3 (BETA) 22 Nov 1998
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   - fixed an undefined pointer which occurs when using precompiled
     [* ... *] blocks. Spotted by Bruce W. Holyman and Paul J. Schinder
   - removed unwanted 0xa0 characters from tagscan.htm which causes
     the test to fail on sunos. Spotted by Paul J. Schnider.
   - Enhanced the detection of Stronghold, Apache SSL and mod_ssl
     so they are found if they are not in a standard path. Spotted 
     by Brad Cox.
   - Convert relativ path for apache source to absolute to avoid
     problems within test script. Spotted by Brad Cox.  
   - Make Embperl compile with useperio=defined. Spotted by Todd
   - Makefile.PL does now check if mod_perl is compiled into apache
     and don't create a config for USE_DSO situtation even if
     libperl.so exists.
   - Added a workarround in the Execute('foo.htm') call, to avoid a
     bug in perl5.004 which causes a SIGSEGV. Spotted by Michael J.
     Schout and Chris Alexander.

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