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1.2b2 (BETA) 9 Nov 1998
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   - There is now a short form of the Execute function. You can
     now include a sub page in an Embperl page by simply writing
     [- Execute ('filename.html') -] or use
     [- Execute ('filename.html', 1, 2, 3) -] to pass additional
   - Added new block [* ... *]. This block compiles code to an 
     outer subroutine which surounds the whole page. This makes
     it possible to define "local" variables with a scope of the 
     whole page, which would be necessary for recursive calls
     to Execute.
     Also this let you use perl control structures inside Embperl
     pages:  e.g.  
         [* foreach $v (1..5) { *] Cnt = [+ $v +] [* } *]
     NOTE: [* ... *] blocks _must_ always end with a ;,{ or }
           [* ... *] cannot apear inside html tags that are 
           interpreted by Embperl (unless you disable the
           interpretation of such tags like table, input etc.)
   - Added a comment block: Everything between [# and #] is a
     comment and is removed from the output.
     NOTE: [* ... *] blocks also interpreted inside of a 
           [# ... #] block, all other blocks [+/-/$ $/-/+] are not.           
   - Added magic hash %mdat, which can be used to store persitent
     data on a per module basis (needs Apache::Session, with
     path in session.patch applied)
   - Done more tests on session handling, seems to work fine now.
   - Added new option dbgNoHiddenEmptyValue which suppresses
     empty hidden input fields in the [$hidden$] meta command.
     Patch from Steve Willer.
   - Whitespaces after [...] blocks are removed in the output, so
     there will be less empty lines, makeing the output shorter and
     more readable, based on a patch from Todd Eigenschink.
   - Embperl compiles now with mod_ssl (from Ralf Engelschall). 
     Spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck and Randel Schwartz.
   - Added a patch from Todd Eigenschink to build Embperl with
     Stronghold 2.4.1
   - Added patch from Gerald McLarnon so Embperl compiles on AIX
   - Added optAllowZeroFileSize to accept files of length 0, 
     without that option Embperl will report NOT_FOUND. 
     Suggested by Doug Bagley

   - fixed a wrong call to logerror when OPT_EXECCGI is not on, 
     spotted by Dirk Lutzebaeck.
   - fixed the problem that reloads only takes place at the next day,
     because mtime was an int instead of a double (introduced in1.2b1.
     Spotted by Michael Smith and Roman Maeder. 
   - fixed a problem that changing of the filesize was ignored, when
     a documents is reloaded (introducted in 1.2b1)
   - cleanup for all subpages are disabled if main request has
     disabled cleanup and subpages does not specify otherwise
   - dbgShowCleanup works again
   - Every package is only cleanuped once, also it's included multiple
     times in one page
   - %fdat and @ffld are setup correctly when optDisableVarCleanup
     is set
   - DEFS=-DEPDEBUGALL compiles again, spotted by Michael Smith
   - fixed that cleanup is never called with Execute nesting, when
     req_rec was not set. Now the parameter req_rec isn't necessary
     anymore. Spotted by Michael J.Schout
   - Changes of $escmode inside a HTML-A tag now handled correctly,
     spotted by Michael Smith
   - fixed problems with links to the logfile and the line break
     in the html log file display 
   - fixed a problem with blocks that expand to nothing inside of Embperl
     interpreted HTML tags.
   - Adapted test script to modified error output of Apache 1.3.4.
     Spotted by Eric Cholet.
   - Empty values (VALUE="") in input tags will not be overridden by
     value in %fdat

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