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1.1.1 15 Sep 1998
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   - A lot of documentation updates. Now Embperl ships with most of 
     the documentation which is also available on 
     This includes:
     - Intro.pod  an introduction to Embperl
     - Faq.pod    an new very much extented version of the FAQ
     and a lot of spell checking, gramar checking and so on
     Thanks very much to Nora Mikes for putting together the FAQ
     and doing a lot of proof reading.
   - eg/x/upload.htm an example for file upload within Embperl
   - splited documentation out of Embperl.pm into Embperl.pod
     to make it load a little bit faster (Embperl.pm is now 30K
     instead of 90K)
   - Optimized the loading of other modules. Other modules are now
     only loaded when really necessary. This make Embperl in CGI mode
     about 2 times faster then version 1.1.0 was.
   - Added a test for file-upload
   - Embperl compiles and works now with threaded perl, but Embperl
     is currently B<not> threadsafe. So you can use Embperl in a
     threaded environement, but you have to make sure that only one
     thread useses Embperl at a time.
   - Fixed a memory leak which has occured in checkboxes and selects 
   - Enhanced test.pl
   - MailFormTo: Send \n after mail header to work correctly with all 
     mail servers, added EMBPERL_MAILHOST to specify mail server hostname,
     MailFormTo dies when it can't connect to mailserver. Spotted by
     Steffen Geschke.

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