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1.1.0 28 Jul 98
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   - Added support for perl5.005 (currently only without threads!)
   - Nesting of metacommands and HTML tags are now independent of
     each other. 
   - Added examples in eg/x for do .. until, foreach, if, 
     DBI datbase access, DBIx::Recordset database access and a
     input- / confirmation form.
   - Added optUndefToEmptyValue which will cause Embperl to treat non-
     existent values in %fdat as an empty string in input tags, as suggested
     by Steve Willer.
   - Catch "die" within EMBPERL_INPUT/OUTPUT_FUNC and write error
     message to the logfile
   - Write error message of LWP::UserAgent in ProxyInput to logfile
     if any
   - Added test for POST Requests
   - Added support for tests when mod_perl is built with USE_DSO. 
     Spotted by Christian Oyarzun.

   - Selects and checkboxes are setup correctly if state is set via %fdat.
     Spotted by Todd Eigenschink and Steve Willer.
   - Changes URL escaping so that only space, '+', '&', '=' and chars < 0x20
     will be escaped to avoid problems with older netscape browsers.
   - Added missing documentation for req_rec parameter of the Execute
     function. Spotted by Eric Cholet.
   - Send correct http header for error page, spotted by Steve Willer
   - Fixed a memory leak in foreach metacommand
   - Removed limit of 2048 Bytes for GET request data (there is no
     limit anymore). Spotted by Steve Willer
   - Read all POSTed data (not just the first 1024 Bytes). Patch from
     Steve Willer.
   - Removed some compiler warnings spotted by Tarang Kumar Patel
   - Make sure all data is flushed to the logfile at the end of
     each request
   - Fixed a bug that causes Init to set DebugFlags to 1 instead of 0.
     Spotted by Eric Cholet.

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