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1.1b1 14 Jun 98
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   - Now you can set custom input and/or output functions via
     used to chain modules together or to get the input from
     (or put the output to) non-standard locations.
   - Added a function ProxyInput which can be used to fetch 
     the input from another URL instead of the disk. One possible
     usage for this is to let mod_include parse the document first 
     and then let Embperl process it. Suggested by Steffen Geschke.
   - Added a function LogOutput, which will write every generated
     document to a unique file in addition to sending it to the
     browser. Suggested by Dan Peterson.
   - EMBPERL_FILESMATCH allows you to select which files in
     a Location should be processed by Embperl. The rest are handled
     by the Apache default handler. This allows you to have 
     Embperl and non-Embperl documents (like gifs etc.) in
     the same directory.

   - Logfile was displayed at the wrong position when requested via the
     browser the first time after the httpd was started.

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