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0.28-beta 19 May 1998
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   - I have added a chapter "Inside Embperl" to the docs, I hope this
     will make it clearer how escaping and unescaping works and how you
     can get desired results. Highly recommended! (Thanks for spell- and 
     grammar-checking to Todd Eigenschink)
   - make test now runs under win32 (You need to install LWP and libwin32)
     IMPORTANT: You need a mod_perl version > 1.11 or you get a deadlock.
   - Compiles with apache_1.3b6
   - Added support for Stronghold and Apache_SSL to Makefile.PL and test.pl
   - Changed dbgEarlyHttpHeader to optEarlyHttpHeader because it's not a
     debugging option. dbgEarlyHttpHeader still persists, but will be removed
     in one of the following versions
   - Embperl does not change the current working directory when optDisableChdir
     is set, this saves some milliseconds per request, also the cwd is moved
     to the c code, so it runs faster then Cwd::fastwd.
     Thanks to Doug Bagley for the profile which has shown how much time 
     Cwd::fastcwd consumes
   - You can set optDisableHtmlScan in EMBPERL_OPTIONS. If set, Embperl only
     recongizes [+/-/$/! ... !/$/-/+], but will not do anything with HTML tags,
     as suggested by Randy Harmon.
   - optDisableInputScan, optDisableTableScan and optDisableMetaScan can be
     used to disable only some of the HTML tag processing
   - You can set optDisableFormData in EMBPERL_OPTIONS. If set, Embperl
     will not setup the %fdat and @ffld, as suggested by Doug Bagley
   - If you use Execute, the explicit call to Init/Term isn't needed anymore,
     because Embperl performs the Init automatically when it is loaded. The 
     Init function can still be used to change the path of logfile. Suggested
     by Honza Jirousek
   - All options and debugging flags can now be read/set at runtime. For
     example $optRawInput = 1 sets the optRawInputFlag. Some of the options
     are read-only, because they must be known before the request.   
   - Added more tests  
   - Embperl discards all errors which occur in an expression after the end
     of a dynamic table, and which are only evaluated to detect the table end and
     never displayed. This allows usage of object methods in dynamic tables,
     where the table end is caused by an undefined object. (see
     test/html/object.htm for an example). Spotted by Jason Bodnar.
   - Printing to filehandle OUT has the same effect as using [+ .. +] 
     (including html-escaping)
   - Setting optRedirectStdout causes Embperl to tie STDOUT to the Embperl
     output stream (same as print OUT ...), suggested by Jason Bodar
   - Setting optAllFormData will make empty formfields occur in %fdat and @ffld
     with an empty string value, suggested by Dan Peterson

   - Embperl now handles SELECT MULTIPLE correct. All OPTIONs which are
     posted to the document will now be selected by Embperl, spotted by
     Todd Eigenschink
   - Fixed a bug that caused a '>' inside a [$/! ... !/$] block to be 
     interpreted as the end of a HTML tag, spotted by Todd Eigenschink.
   - Fixed a bug which caused the SELECT/OPTIONS tag to not insert their
     values in %idat and therefore made [$hidden$] work incorrectly, spotted by
     Dave Paris [aka Spider]
   - Fixed a bug that caused the INPUT CHECKBOX tag to not insert its  
     value in %idat when the value wasn't in %fdat and therefore made [$hidden$] 
     work incorrectly.
   - Fixed a problem that caused magical variables to be handled as if they
     were undefined, which caused dynamic tables to end, sometimes prematurely.
   - Closing HTML tags will be correctly removed form Perl source again
     (when optRawInput is not set)
   - &nbsp; will be translated to space (0x20) instead of 0xf0
   - When EMBPERL_DEBUG is set 0, only errors and warnings will be written to
     the logfile
   - MailFormTo will generate the correct TO header and insert a Return-Path
     from the posted e-mail address
   - Changed detection of mod_perl to $ENV{MOD_PERL}. This makes sure that
     it will work correctly, even if Apache.pm isn't loaded.
   - Re-entered the optDisableEmbperlErrorPage, which was lost in one of the last
     releases, spotted by Doug Bagley.
   - The content_length of the Apache request_rec will only be set when a http
     header is sent.
   - If, Elsif and While metacommands now use SvTRUE instead of a != 0 to test the
     evaluated expression, so they now behave like the Perl ones do. Spotted by Jason 

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