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0.25-beta 17 Feb 1998
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   - Included the "translation" of the Embperl POD to a human-readable
     form done by Todd Eigenschink
   - Started a FAQ file from the questions I answered by e-mail
   - Added the function Execute, which can be called from Perl programs
     (or Apache::Registry scripts), and can take input from (and/or
     output to) memory, as suggested by Doug Bagley and Randy Harmon
     (Look at test/html/registry/Execute.htm for an example)
   - Changed the source so that it will compile on aix, spotted by
     Patrick McAuliffe 
   - Access sys_errlist via perl macro Strerror to avoid errors with
     redeclaration, thanks for spotting this to Honza Jirousek
   - Changed the tab size from 4 to 8 in my editor to be compatible with
     Unix standard
   - Added warning if dbgLogLink is set and EMBPERL_VIRTLOG is not
   - Changed the delimiter of metacommand from space to any non-alpha char
     to allow writing [$while(a==b)$] as suggested by Michael D. Dowling
   - Added config variable EMBPERL_ESCMODE to set inital values of $escmode
     as suggested by Todd Eigenschink
   - Added [! ... !]. Does just the same as [- ... -] but will only execute
     on the first request for that document. This can be used to do one-time
     initialization and to define subroutines.
   - Changed push_handlers to register_cleanup, so PERL_STACKED_HANDLERS and
     PERL_CLEANUP aren't necessary anymore, as suggested by Doug MacEachern
   - If it exists, the function CLEANUP of the processed document will be called
     before the variable cleanup, but after the connection to the client is closed
   - Added a closing </font> in the logfile which is sent to the browser, otherwise 
     MS IE 4 can't handle it     
   - Changed Perl constants in Perl part from subroutines to "real" constants
   - Did some general rearranging of code

   - Fixed a memory leak which caused Embperl to lose one sv per Perl
     block when a document is reloaded
   - Fixed a bug which caused [+... +] within the Textarea tag to be ignored,
     spotted by Todd Eigenschink
   - Fixed a bug in sorting hidden fields
   - Fixed a wrong argument to MakeMaker, which was causing Embperl to not be able
     to build statically, spotted by Anatoli Belomestnov (and added a 
     description to the Faq on how to build a copy of Embperl which is statically-
     linked to mod_perl)
   - Fixed a problem which was causing the LOG filehandle to not be imported in 
     the documents package, this was causing everything printed to LOG to sort 
     of disappear 
=head1 0.24-beta 13 Jan 1998 

   - Added the option optRawInput which causes Embperl not to pre-process the
     source for a Perl expression (the only exception is that CR will be removed).
     This option should be set when you are writing your code with an ascii editor. 
     If you are using a WYSIWYG editor, which inserts unwanted HTML tags in your
     Perl expressions and escapes special characters automatically (i.e.
     < will occur as &lt; in the source), you should not set this option, and
     Embperl will automatically convert the HTML input back to the Perl
     expression you have written. (Thanks to Todd R. Eigenschink for a patch)
   - $0 is set to the filename of the HTML source
   - Change Current Working Directory to directory of HTML source
   - Warning messages are now also logged in logfile at the correct
     position, next to the source line
   - Perl error and warning messages contain the filename and correct
     linenumber of the HTML source
   - Sourcelines in logfile contain linenumbers
   - Output via [+ ... +] of undefined values at the end of a dynamic table
     (which must be there to end the table) do not generate a warning anymore  
     NOTE: If you use them in an expression (such as $a = $arr[$row] or simply
     inside " ", you will still get a warning)  
   - Open HTML source in binary mode on Win32 to avoid overhead of crlf -> lf
   - Use aplog_error for apache_1.3 to avoid senseless os errors written to
     httpd error log

   - Removed some uninitializied value messages when running with
     -w / PerlWarn on, spotted by Todd R. Eigenschink 
   - Fixed a bug which has caused nested 'while' loops to execute incorrectly 
     if the condition of the outer one is false 

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