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2.3.0 30. Sept. 2007
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    - Added support for Code ref in language message lookup hash.
      That allows for internationalization to call a sub instead
      of only looking up keys in a hash.
    - Added UTF-8 messages to Embperl::Form::Validate.
    - Include patch from Mark D. Anderson to make SSI syntax
      behave more like mod_include.
    - Make component -> curr_esc_mode available in Perl, requested
      by Robert.
    - Improve XHTML/XML support. Tags that are parsed by Embperl
      like input, are now only have one slash at the end, if there
      is already a slash in the source and output_mode is set to
      xml. In addition checked attributes for input tags are now
      added as checked="checked" to be valid xml.
      Spotted by Villu Roogna.
    - A lot of code was written for Embperl::Form a sophisticated
      form creation/handling framework, which also contains some
      nice AJAX and JS stuff like autocomplete input boxes,
      grids and tabbed dialogs. Also the framework itself is ready
      to use, there is not much documentation yet...
    - Fixed wrong version numbers in make test files, 
      which caused make test to fail. Spotted by Matt Bockol.
    - Use _stat() instead of stat() on Win32 to work around the problem
      that Perl redefines stat() in an incompatibel way. 
      Spotted by Randy Korbes.
    - Documented all options of embpexec.pl.
    - Fixed default_language handling in Embperl::Form::Validate.
      Patch from Kathryn Andersen.
    - In Makefile.PL check for mod_perl2.pm instead of mod_perl
      when mod_perl 2.x is used. Spotted by Dan Clawson.
    - Included patch from Andrew O'Brian to correctly retrieve
      Cookie header when running under Apache 2.
    - Fixed timezone compiletime error on Mac OS-X. Patch from
      Wolfgang Kinkeldei.
    - Fixed segfault that might occur when an value of an input
      attribute is removed. Spotted by Andrew Sitnikov.
    - Fixed missing Perl Stack setup which causes memory errors on
      BSD systems. Patch from Doug Rayner.
    - Added internal check and error message when, due to a syntax
      error in the source, a node is parsed as attribute. 
      Spotted by Kato M. Yoshiro.
    - Fix segfault that occured during output of an error message
      when not inside an Embperl request.

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