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0.21-beta 25 Dec 1997
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    - Embperl offline mode now works under Win 32 (mod_perl and cgi mode
      not tested under Win 32 yet, but maybe it works too)
    - Totally reworked safenamespace and operatormask handling. Works now
      without memory leak, is fully configurable and also does p-code
      caching. If you use it, please look at the documentation, because
      the configuration has changed.
    - Embperl now sends its own error document if it detects an error.
      The page contains all the error messages and if you have the
      dbgLogLink enabled, all errors are links to the corresponding
      line in the logfile. (this can be disabled with optDisableEmbperlErrorPage)
    - Added new metacommand [$VAR ... $], which can be used to declare
      variables and apply the strict pragma (same as use strict ; use vars )  
    - Added debug flag dbgHeadersIn which causes Embperl to log all http 
      headers which are received from the client
    - Don't change any unknown HTML Escapes (i.e. && has been translated
      to ? in versions < 0.21)
    - dbgShowCleanup logs all variables which are automatically undefined at the
      end of a request (for scalars the value is also shown)
    - Error messages will also be cached, so that the compiling of the code
      only takes place once, because erroneous Perl code will cause memory
      leaks in Perl itself if it's compiled on and on and on.
    - Optimized the compiling of the embedded Perl code
    - Changed use Apache::Constants to conform with the new default exports
      introduced in mod_perl-1.07_01
    - Output of the 'hidden' metacommand is sorted in the same order as the input
      from the formfields (sorting order can also be supplied as third argument)
    - <meta http-equiv= ... > will override the corresponding http header
      (this keeps netscape from asking the user to reload the document
      when the content-type differs between the http header and the
      meta http-equiv)
      This can also be used to set http headers
    - Fixed a problem that Embperl magic variables do not work when
      the package exists before the first call to Embperl
    - Fixed a problem that caused a SIGSEGV when retrieving the same document
      containing a Perl error for the second time from the same child
    - Fixed a problem that caused Embperl to terminate in offline/cgi-mode
      when the file was not found or when access was forbidden
    - Fixed a problem with the 'hidden' metacommand, which came up when 
      arguments were supplied with surrounding spaces
    - Fixed a problem that Embperl did not handle metacommands correctly
      when HTML tags (e.g. <br>) were embedded
=head1 0.20-beta 15 Nov 97

    - Every file is executed in a separate package (don't confuse this 
      with safe namespaces) to reduce unwanted effects on each other
    - Added the configuration directive EMBPERL_PACKAGE which can be used to override
      the automatically-generated package name
    - The namespace (package) used by a request is cleaned up afterwards.
      That means that every scalar, hash or array is undef'ed after the 
      request to make sure nothing is lying around to possibly make the next request
      This requires mod_perl with PERL_CLEANUP=1 and PERL_STACKED_HANDLER=1!
      NOTE: To get persistent variables, place them in another namespace i.e.
      write $persistent::x instead of $x 
    - Added configuration directive EMBPERL_OPTIONS to configure various runtime
      options. Now only the scalar cleanup can be disabled.
    - use log_error for writing to Apache error log to get timestamp
    - Escaping inside an <A> tag is changed from an HTML escape to a URL escape
      i.e. the space is translated to + and & is translated to %26 and so on
    - Escaping can now be turned on and off via $escmode
    - Concats ENV and cgi_env under mod_perl so that PerlSetEnv can be used
      instead of SetEnv for configuration. In contrast to SetEnv, PerlSetEnv
      allows different values per directory/virtual host
    - Added two links to show source-loglines and eval-loglines when dbgLogLink
      is enabled to have a quick jump to the logfile
    - Reget pid for every request, so the correct one will be written to the
      logfile, also when Embperl is loaded at server startup
    - Check error log in make test, added test for error output

    - Fixed a bug which causes Embperl to cause a SIGSEGV when a Perl syntax
      error occurred
    - Fixed a bug so that a '>' inside of [+/- ... -/+] is not detected as the end
      of an HTML tag (Thanks to Todd R. Eigenschink)

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