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0.18-beta 25 Oct 97
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   - Added caching of p-code. Now all Perl code is compiled only once. On the
     second request, the compiled p-code is used. This makes, for example, the 
     table.htm from the test about 4 times faster on the second run then it was in
     previous versions of Embperl. Also, tables and loops are faster in the first
     request, because the code is only compiled in the first iteration.  
   - <Select>/<option> is now handled like <input>, this means that if a value
     for the select exists in %fdat, the corresponding option is automatically
   - Added support for table heading (<th> tag). If all cells in a row are surrounded
     by <th>/</th> instead of <td>/</td> the row is interpreted as column headings and
     printed only once. Row headings are not supported yet, but in one of the next versions... 
   - Added support for multipart/formdata to support fileupload. Embperl automatically 
     detects  multipart/formdata and lets CGI.pm handle it. The results are also
     present in @ffld and %fdat like for normal formdata. See CGI.pm for more docs.
     (Thanks to eigenstr@mixi.net for the idea and material)
   - Now all the output is kept in memory and the http-header are sent when the
     processing is finish. This gives the ability to set http-headers (only under mod_perl)
     within the page. Also now the Content-Length can be sent in the http-header.
     (Thanks to eigenstr@mixi.net for the idea and material)
   - Added tests for mod_perl mode and running as cgi-script, if compilation
     for mod_perl is enabled (Thanks to Doug MacEachern for lots of ideas
     and code I have borrowed from his mod_perl)
   - Removed "= true" in MailFormTo which caused a warning and didn't declare
     syserr_list in ep.h on FreeBSD (Thanks to Michael Fuhr for the hints)
   - Added SYSNOPSIS section to docs to avoid pod2man warning and changed
     apache/src/regx to apache/src/regex in Makefile.PL (Thanks to Bob Wilkinson)
   - Splitted C-sources in some more source files

   - Fixed two minor memory leaks. Now the Embperl test suite can run 1000 times and
     more without making the httpd grow!

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