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0.16-beta 29 Aug 97
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   - Added more restrictive access check when running under mod_perl 
     * Option ExecCGI must be set
     * must not be a directory
   - Added a (few) more docs about how to view the Embperl logfile with
     your browser
   - Added a declaration for error-dependent stuff to compile on Solaris, check errno before
     accessing sys_errlist to avoid SIGSEVs, Fixed another warning from Sun Pro C Compiler
     (Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Switched I/O to PerlIO if supported by installed Perl version.
     Should now work with sfio (not tested yet)
   - Added possibilty to include Embperl commands in all HTML tags 
     (did not work for body, table and tr tags in previous versions)
   - Will now preserve case of HTML tags
   - Do not interpret unknown HTML tags in any way, so as to handle "<" characters
     which do not start a HTML tag better 
   - Do not display the time needed for the request if CLOCKS_PER_SEC not
     defined (e.g. SunOS - Thanks to Dan Peterson)
   - Added apache_xx/src/regx to include path, to avoid problems when
     Apache was built with its own regx library
   - Now Embperl shows which tags don't match in error message (table, dir, select etc.)
   - Fixed a bug which caused "[" characters to be printed even in a false 
     if path   

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