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0.14-beta 30 Juni 1997
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    - adding 8192 to EMBPERL_DEBUG and setting EMBPERL_VIRTLOG will add a link
      to Embperl output, so you can directly view the right part of the logfile
      with your browser
    - Added the LOG filehandle to print to the Embperl logfile
    - Added the possibility to handle multiple form fields with same name
    - chars which are a result of a Perl expression will not be escaped to HTML if
      they are prefixed with a backslash
    - Added support for scanning the parameters of input tags for Perl code i.e.
      [- -] and [+ +] substitution takes place
    - Replaced carriage return in Perl expression with space to avoid Perl 5.004 error
      about carriage return
    - added $req_rec to access the Apache server api when running under mod_perl

    - Fixed a bug in Safe namespace handling which was always causing ERR: 17 Namespace unknown
    - Fixed a bug which caused dynamic tables to end, if a 'if', 'while' and etc. was included 
    - Fixed a bug that caused [$cmd$] to be executed only in the first iteration of a 'while' 
      or a table
    - Fixed some bugs in input tag interpretation
    - Fixed a bug which occurred when Embperl encountered an input tag with value="" and %ffld=""
    - Fixed a bug in embpexec.pl that caused the options to be ignored when running offline

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